Microsoft Office Out, Sun StarOffice In

By | February 16, 2008


I finally caved into the constant pressure from Microsoft, and uninstalled my legally purchased copy of Microsoft Office 2003. There’s a limit to the number of times (less than 50) that the software I paid cash for can tell me that I’m using an unregistered version.

In the years I’ve used legitimate software, Microsoft is far more bothersome when it’s legal, and much less trouble when it’s cracked.  I took to buying a copy, then cracking it, so I had the best of both worlds – legitimacy and functionality.  This time around, when I was politely informed that my genuine copy wasn’t legitimate, I decided to take the hint…

I’m now the proud operator of Sun StarOffice 8 (whilst I consider the jump to Open Office which keeps having installation hassles)

The irony of the fact I’m using Microsoft Windows Live Writer to make this post isn’t lost on me – Microsoft lost a loyal(ish) customer who’s spent over $4000 on Office suites (97, 2000, 2003, 2003 PRO) because their “security” system stopped me from being able to use what I’d bought, and doesn’t do a thing against what I could steal.


StarOffice has more than a few quirks to work through – predictive text is a semi sort of good idea, but that could be terrible if it can’t learn the words I actually use, versus the ones it would like me to use.  There’s a few bugs in the ride, but basically, it opens, shuts, and lets me write.  Something I remember fondly about the old version of Word… before the bouncers wouldn’t let me into the MS Office Club. If you are looking for a great new software to help you run your business then get SalonTouch Software.