Shared Reference Lists

By | March 9, 2008

I’m using a new method of notetaking where I keep my files organised in Excel/OpenOffice Calc so that I can do quick searches when I need a reference for a concept as I’m writing my papers. At the end of the project, I’m combining the notes files with the reference lists so that I can start building up a bit of a database of papers+notes+referencing for further projects.

The first of the file sets is a sports marketing reference + notes set shared through GoogleDocs. Obviously, I can’t share the original files (there’s a slight case of copyright to be respected), but with the reference information, and the notes, if you’re interested in the original, it shouldn’t be that hard to track down and find.

Here’s a sample from the Sports Marketing Reference set

Author date content Reference
Alexandris, Tsaousi and James 2007 sponsor outcomes of image/attitude, word of mouth, purchase intention, overviews importance of the sponsorship in economic terms, lower levels of awareness arise in situations of ambush marketing, cites Meenaghan (2001) to support argument that sponsorship starts from a position of perceived benefit to society Alexandris, K, Tsaousi, E, and James, J (2007) Predicting Sponsorship Outcomes from Attitudinal Constructs: The Case of a Professional Basketball Event, Sport Marketing Quarterly, 2007, 16, 130-139,
Weinreich, Abbott and Olson 1999 Tobacco*Free Racing sponsorship as a case study in social marketing sports sponsorships Weinreich, N, Abbott, J and Olson, C (1999) Social Marketers in the Driver’s Seat: Motorsport Sponsorship as a Vehicle for Tobacco Prevention, Innovations in Social Marketing Conference, July 20, 1999

If you want to collaborate on the development of these notes databases, drop me a line with your G-mail account, and I’ll add you as a collaborator.