Team Fortress II: Where my spare time went…

By | May 12, 2008
getaround1Image by Bryan Sutter via Flickr

Sunday Night, I found myself loitering around the TF servers, and in a match where on the Red Team were between four and five members of the (GCS) clan, who are very good at what they do in TF2.  Sufficiently good at it to completely school my side for a few rounds.

Then came the last round of the night, which consists of four levels.  We were comprehensively monstered over the first levels, and really beaten back in the last level with the Blue team cutting through our line in what felt like record time.  At seven minutes and forty seconds, the cart was within a heart beat of Blue winning.

At 4.03, I had enough presence of mind to snap a screenshot as I came off a respawn.  The cart had been in that same spot for several minutes.

It\'s a game of inches...

In fact, at the 7 minute 40 mark, I thought we were gone.  For seven minutes, 30 seconds, the cart would go no further than about four cart lengths from the end, and get within that same nail biting proximity until Blue swamped the point with 10 seconds left.

For seven minutes, I was playing one of the most intense video sporting matches of my amateur career, against a squad of good (and possibly even pro) players.  Not only that, but playing such a hair raising defensive game that my usual level of video game cursing was way off the charts for emotion, intensity, and…well… me completely losing the plot because I screwed up a defensive move and thought I’d cost the game (it didn’t…but wow, the intensity).

What was especially sweet was playing a glorious defence game… as an offense orientated soldier.  Not my usual support role as medic, or defensive sweeper in the Pyro, but a straight out aggressive Soldier spot.  Not bad, not bad at all.