Prediction for the The 2008 October Surprise

By | August 31, 2008

Here’s my prediction for the 2008 October Surprise.  First, the lead up.

Sarah Palin’s speech where she mentions her eldest son, Track.

Play by Play Timeline

15 seconds into the clip: Date check September 11, 2007, Track enlists.

48 seconds into the clip: Date check September 11, 2008, Track’s unit goes to Iraq.

In the time elapsed between Track’s unit going to Iraq, and the US election, there is a 54 day window of opportunity for the Republican presumptive Vice Presidential Nominee’s son to be killed, wounded or maimed in action in “the service of his country”.

I’m calling it here and now: Track Palin will be the October surprise to rally the “patriot” vote as he is killed or wounded in action in Iraq.  It would be exceptionally easy to arrange for it to happen through something as basic as a calculated troop movement of his squad into a known red zone, or just planting an IED somewhere “hostile” that he’s sent to patrol.  It’s a big war, and there’s plenty of ways to do this easily if you’ve got the motive, money, and no regard for human life.

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