Just one of those days

Thursdays seem to be my specialty at the moment (I majored in Friday with a minor in Saturday evenings)rainbow2

It started with an e-mail from the editor of a book where I’d contributed a chapter (albeit two months later than deadline) who had the reviews back, and gave me 16 days (total) to make the changes.  The reviews were a touch inconsistent – one reject outright, one minor improvements and much praise.   The editor went with the minor improvements option.  So my fourth book chapter for the year is going ahead after I shipped back the requested changes today.

I followed up that shipment by sending my Journal of Business Research paper on the new definition of social marketing back to the editor with the minor formatting and editorial patchwork complete.  That

This was followed by confirmation that my coauthored paper with Andrew “Political Marketing” Hughes has been accepted and queued up for publication in Marketing Theory.  We knew unofficially, so the official word was much welcomed given that paper started life in July 2005, and will probably appear somewhere in 2010.

Backing up from that news was confirmation from my lecturer (see, I am a student) that my article on using services marketing theory for RHD supervision for Quality Assurance in Education had come out this morning. Literally this morning.  Never rains but pours they say.

That brings the 2008 running total of five journal publications (MBR, SMQ, AMJ, MT, JBR) accepted for publication or published, one revision awaiting a final decision, and three more papers under various stages of review around the place.

Plus, there’s the three ANZMAC papers left to present, (on top of the four papers already presented) before we get into the subject of four book chapters (multiauthor projects) and that ever present textbook I’m writing.

Not bad progress at the 5/6th of a year mark.

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