If you’ve got a blacklist I want to be on it.

By | October 28, 2008

It’s the last day of class for the 2008 Consumer Behaviour subjects.  This year, in consumer behaviour, I’ve discussed the following topics

  • roles of the family, including the role of presumptions of gender in determining “male” and “female” roles
  • white-race privilege,
  • male privilege
  • the flexibility of the gender construct (it’s somewhere between 5 and 9 categories on a scale of Cisgender Male to Cisgender Female with an Intergender() as the mid point for categorical statistical purposes)
  • feminism, including several rants about the portrayal of male roles in advertising, and the portrayal of female roles
  • race stereotypes, race stereotyping, and the dangers of using demographics as a segmentation variable.

In fact, as part of consumer behaviour, we cover women’s rights, gender, feminist philosophy, social welfare, community and community structure, the role of religion including cultural conflict between mainstream society, conservative and progressive religions and commercial enterprise; racism, class and employment.

Apparently, I managed to fly under the Young Liberal’s radar because I discussed these concepts in a commercial marketing subject.

Well kids, as a former member of the Young Liberals, and as a believer in Liberalism, I have this to say

If you’ve got a blacklist (and you do), then I want to be on it.

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