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  • *growls at Delicious* Do NOT change my keyboard commands without permission. That’s a fast track to removal #
  • The European Journal of Marketing needs to be renamed the European Journal of Australians Publishing in Marketing (again) #
  • EMJ Vol 42 No. 3/4, 2008 – 12 articles, four by australian academic teams – same issue that published a paper “Received June 2005” #
  • @lordriffington An unprepared horse’s head in the bed? in reply to lordriffington #
  • I know my sins are quite an impressive checklist of what not to do, but what did I do to deserve wrangling an EndNote infected PhD thesis? #
  • @barrysaunders I’ll settle for “Filmed under emotionally controlled conditions” as a running disclaimer at the base of the entire film in reply to barrysaunders #
  • Darkness, storms, swirling clouds and a sense of chaos in the air. I don’t think I could honestly be happier #
  • @mdreid Thanks for that – it’s in the list of stuff to include on the SIM3.0 textbook in reply to mdreid #
  • @Nedra One part DIY, one part local conditions I suspect *grins* I was rather stressed about the changes to the future of academia in .au in reply to Nedra #
  • @lordriffington I’ll see peace back on this earth if I have to murder everyone last one of these zombies in reply to lordriffington #
  • Does anyone else judge systems/software/equipment by whether they were designed with wookies in mind? #
  • Well whadda know? I really do know the structure of the Masters of marketing inside out and back to front. I so need to stop running it now #
  • i haz a brisbane #
  • oh hai brisbane! You brought me a pony err a storm! Yeah stormponies! #
  • i haz a qldrail train. I missed them when in cbr #
  • @ bne powerhouse with @jennifergearing to see nouvelle vague. Support act on now #
  • support act is caffiene free diet missy higgins. Wtf gorilla songs? #
  • am finding last number of set to sound much more my taste. #
  • nouvelle vogue on. Master and servant! It’s an ocelot like life #
  • is she stoned or just french? (they,re not mutually exclusive).0oh guns of brixton #
  • you can get away with a lot by being petite and french about it #
  • just can’t get un oeuf! #
  • ice ice baby. #

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