BarCampCanberra2: The Quickening

By | March 29, 2009
@pamelafox presenting
Image by Dr Stephen Dann via Flickr

A glorious day of technology, people, ideas and political thoughts .

Barcamp's data collectionBarCampCanberra (#bcc2) also combined my love of liveblog journalism with the twitterstream plus streaming photos to Flickr (barcampcanberra2).  I was a quasi-sponsor this year, having set aside a budget to cover misc.cost.other and rolled out some on-the-day equipment (including putting my video camera into some serious testing with the 16gig memory card getting a good work out), and providing that sort of random cover fire for the commanding officers of BarCamp Canberra.

I presented on my rather odd sideline habit of “Documenting the Future” as I spend my time writing textbooks that need to be relevant and functional in the future, and thus far, they’re doing okay on that front.

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One thought on “BarCampCanberra2: The Quickening

  1. Ruth Ellison

    Thanks for posting your slides – I missed your presentation as I was having difficulty mastering the art of splitting myself into two.

    Thanks also for covering the cost of the dinner debacle!

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