The Celebrity-Twitter Business Model

By | April 28, 2009
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The Celebrity Business model has to be a near perfect fit for twitter.

  • Celebrities are a broadcast model who are used to acquiring, seeking and maintaining attention
  • Celebrities have uneven following/follower ratios in real life  (people they know versus people who know about them)
  • Celebrities are used to be reduced to soundbytes (quotable film moments, red carpet interview, press releases)
  • Celebrities are used to having to make short statements that are linked to larger work elsewhere. In fact, some celebrities turn into the human TinyURL for causes, films or character portrayals.

In short, celebrity suits Twitter because they’re using very similar message structures, business strategies (relevance versus frequency versus overexposure) and when the professional face to face social networkers meet the social networking technology with the best fit for their existing model – well, it’s a perfect storm.

The downside for the social media industry (and the social media marketers) is the sudden rise in competition from the professional social networker circuit. It’s one thing to proclaim great advice on how to be a social media guru (oh how I loath that term) when you’ve got a four or five figure follower count – until Ashton Kutcher makes a mockery of you with the seven figure follower profile.  That’s even before Oprah tries out the technology and completely reshapes the top end of the playing field (of course, I noticed a volume of “I was here before Oprah” that was strangely louder than the “I was here before Kutcher“. Kutcher’s the one who had a race to a million users with CNN.)

Still, it’s been fun, and my Twitter circle is still as valuable the day after Oprah as it was the day before.  Maybe because I don’t mind that celebrities have phones, eat food, use the internet and do other mundane things that I do – like play with new technologies on the internet.

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