East Coast Roadshow: Prime Nightclub

Not quite a night at the Opera
Not quite a night at the Opera

It’s a Geek nightclub at the Shaftson from the Prime Team.

We’re going to be playing a mixture of novelty, rock, nerdcore and some classic from the jrock, indie, britpop and dark alternative with a twist of future pop atop a sliced peach and a little party umbrella. Consider it the Fruit Tingle of music mixes – it blends together in an unexpectedly smooth sound for damn good night with a slightly minty aftertaste.

Featuring OldSkool Gaming on a giant screen! (We’d tell you more, but then we’d have to frag you).

Venue Scouts report a smoker and non smoker friendly venue. Big verandahs outside for the oxygen seeking crowd, PLUS space for the tobacco enhanced airflow crowd to enjoy the club as well.

But wait! There’s more! If you friend us now, we’ll promise not to play a ShamWOW advert at ANY STAGE in the night. Can commercial TV make you that offer? Can Foxtel beat that deal? Can any Saturday night in front of the TV do that? In fact, can any club, pub or bar that’s running Foxtel Channel [V] on mute match this offer? Our Snuggie, PedEgg and GoDuster says that’s just an evening out that can’t be beaten.

Order the 8pm to 12midnight experience now, and we’ll throw in a Midnight to 2am Club Experience COMMERCIAL FREE! That’s right COMMERCIAL FREE!

All for $7/$8 at the door at The Shafston. July 11 From 8pm onwards

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