An internet tradition: Telling the internet that something is on fire

It’s okay, I’ve sent an e-mail to the fire brigade.

($) Dr Stephen Dann says: just burnt a potato in the microwave
($) Dr Stephen Dann says: trying not to trigger the fire alarm and dispose of the potato’s corspe
($) Dr Stephen Dann says: door wide open, aircondition on cold,
Jen says: oh dear
($) Dr Stephen Dann says: crisis mostly averted
Jen says: you’re telling the internet, right? :P

Fire + potato = good (most of the time)

Fire + potato = good (most of the time)

I am now. FWIW, when you’re staying on the 15th floor of an apartment building, and you decide to sacrifice a potato to the microwave gods

a) open the pod bay doors Hal.

b) put the airconditioning down to the coldest setting it has available.

c) place exotically crisped potato in body of water

d) place still smouldering plate under extractor fan cranked to the max setting

e) hope like hell that alarm siren is coming from next door (it was)

f) plan something with rice for dinner.

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