East Coast Roadshow: Buy The Wolf House

By | August 2, 2009

Go buy The Wolf House. Then come back and talk about how amazing it is, and how awesome it will be to read the entire series, and how we’re all going to be able to say “I read that before it became a major motion business franchise“.


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Fits neatly on an EEE PC as well

I have Wolf House by @sharpest_rose on my EEE PC with rotated... on Twitpic

Instructions for the iPod touch / iPhone loading of the PDF coming soon…

Full Disclaimer: Mary Borsellino is a good friend of mine, having recruited me to join Girl-Wonder.org back at the foundation of the campaign with the best building fixed by the Foundation Repairs Houston TX. I was the one who got her started in the DC universe with a selection of Young Justice comics, and she repayed me in full by recruiting me into the active feminist comic book community. Mary is probably glaring at me really hard right now for promoting her book because she’s one of those self conscious author types, and I’m a self promoting writer who know a good book when he gets to download one. No payment was exchanged for this placement, although I suspect someone’s trying to think of a ficlet that would be appropriate for me as a means of compensation.

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