Product Review: Space Invaders Infinity Gene

By | September 17, 2009
Space invaders on the iPod Touch

Space invaders on the iPod Touch

Space Invaders Infinity ($5.99, iTunes store)

Space Invaders on the iPhone is a pretty good fit.  unstoppable cultural icons meeting the unstoppable cultural iconic device.  What makes this match even better is the unstoppable genius of a procedurally rendered space invader levels.

For the fun of it, I tried playing the Imperial March as rendered by Space Invaders.  I did badly, and it was epicly awesome fun.

The main game brings one part evolution, one part adaptation as the game shifts through the various levels, you collect weird little DNA (or windows logos) that fill an “EVOLUTION” bar.  Once you’ve gained enough of these items, the game expands by unlocking bonus levels, bonus items, new weapons and new bosses.

In fact, the part where the game opens up to a whole amazingly new level is the introduction of six new ships to accompany the classic single fire ship from the original series.  Space invaders was never a true strategic game at the outset – survival tactics emerged, but weren’t really strategic options.  Adding a choice of ships with different weapon capacity makes the game a little bit harder, and throws a few more rounds of replayability into the fold.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene gave me a few extra late nights on the East Coast Roadshow tour, kept me amused on the bus rides around the country, and definitely made the Space Invader sighting in Perth even more awesome.

Disclaimer: unpaid product review simply because this game is an awesome retake on the classic.