Gen-Con Day 1 – Day 2, LARP short report

By | September 20, 2009

Short version.
Zombie Apocalypse LARP: Started human, ended human, participated in six of the game’s major explosions. Good times.

Steampunk LARP: Started the game as a Gentleman Boxer nicknamed “The Doctor” (for a boxer, I had disturbingly high medical knowledge), and the bodyguard/meat shield for The Patron. Over the course of the game, I was involved in assisting the timely disposal of a large bomb (somedays, you really can get rid of a bomb) and the untimely disposal of an escape vessel (somedays…wait, used that line).

Both LARPs were best described as First Person Actor games, and for a non-LARP player, I play a wonderfully devious characterisation with wicked lines to the straight people characters around me. All up, well awesome in game, and massive fun for close combat acting.

Day 3 sees me back on hallowed ground in the L4D tournament structure.