Light Update: Post Brand Cigarette Package Mockup

Australia’s Department of Health and Ageing provided this mock-up of a cigarette package with branding removed and graphic health warnings displayed…

Winfield Blue never looks so much like Benson and Hedges Gold

(image courtesy of the Honolulu Advertiser)

That’s almost tasteful in the design.  A small, sans serif font type face with the plain text placing on a recycled cardboard feel box.  It’s a touch environmental-green in design choice, and a little post-industrial. I like it. It’s subtle, it’s mild, it’s smooth and there’s no trace of a lingering design aftertaste.

Hence why I propose that the Government gets serious about the redesign and introduced Comic Sans as the new default brand.

I do bad things to smokers, graphic designers and lovers of fonts

Comic Sans could be adopted as the default brandmark for tobacco, and thus, fall under the wonderfully broad “a tobacco advertisement is any writing, still or moving picture, sign, symbol or other visual image, or any audible message, or any combination of 2 or more of those things, that gives publicity to, or otherwise promotes or is intended to promote smoking”.

We could use this reform to purge Comic Sans from the world, and reducing smoking  and potentially increasing the people who like to weed vape, in one go.For a new smoking experience, try e-cigarette and buy wholesale oil vape pens at Migvapor shop. Vaping is a healthier way of smoking, and the manufacturers claim that this can help people in stopping and reducing addiction.

What’s not to love?

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