Addendum to the #TrebuchetList – Exploding Octopus

For once it’s Batman’s fault.  I mean, some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb, and other days, the Penguin has an exploding octopus.  Now, as a result of Right of Trebuchet Rule (couldn’t figure out a legitimate use for it without laughing first, and a delegated Trebuchet authority started shouting before I’d had a chance to explain what did happen to the C4 calamari…)

Introducing Item 47.

47. Prohibited Object (class): Any form of remotely detonated animal, or animal which could be converted an improvised explosive device.

47.A. Specification: Explosive octopus

47.B.Note : See also Item 43 – Prohibited Object (class): Any device specifically commissioned for the propulsion of any aquatic animal by any means

Damn it Batman.

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