Anzmac teaching prize time... I tend to joke about being the utility academic of my department, since I have a reputation for being able to teach any subject.  Then I had a look at my career length teaching roster… and yeah, I can teach anywhere across the park.  From 1997 to 2011, I have taught 52 classes, where the class is defined by having a unique course code per semester (eg three semesters of undergrad and postgrad marketing would count as six). If you’re undergraduate and is planning to continue your study, apply for scholarships online here at scholarship-positions.com. This includes where I teach a combined undergrad/postgrad class (eg MKTG3024/MKTG7024 Social marketing) since I have a tendency to score the combined classes as a single, or the postgrad/undergrad as equivalent (even though they run separate sessions, different assessment etc).  Basically, even with my discounting of subjects that are close enough to be considered the same (even when I had a case with e-Marketing that I never used the same book twice, or repeated any of the notes from the previous year, it still counts as one subject), I end up with 21 subjects


n Course Uni  
1 Advanced Consumer Behaviour ANU Postgraduate consumer behaviour
2 Business Decision Making ANU Undergraduate statistics led decision making
3 Consumer Behaviour Griffith Undergraduate consumer behaviour
4 Directed Individual Studies Griffith Individual undergraduate supervised projects
5 e-Business (Web and Non Web) U21 Electronic supply chains, fulfilment, non-web technology
6 Effective Business Decision Making ANU Postgraduate research led management decision processes
7 Electronic commerce (Not all Web) QUT Business to business electronic marketing
8 E-marketing (Web2.0) ANU Consumer led e-marketing, social media led marketing
9 Interactive Marketing (Web1.0) Griffith E-marketing in the HTML era
10 Introduction to Marketing ANU Undergraduate foundations of marketing
11 Marketing Communications (aka Advertising/IMC) Griffith Advertising, IMC, marketing communications for undergrads
12 Marketing in the 21st Century* Griffith Future facing discussion of trends, topics and scenarios for the future of marketing
13 Marketing Management ANU Planning and implementation processes in marketing
14 Marketing Strategy (undergrad) ANU Undergrad strategic decision making and planning
15 Non Profit and Public Sector Marketing ANU Politics, NGO, social marketing and gov’t campaigns
16 Postgrad Intro to Marketing ANU Postgrad Introduction to Marketing for students transitioning from non-marketing backgrounds
17 Services and Relationship Marketing Griffith One half services theory, one half Gronroos and the Nordic school of relationship marketing
18 Services Marketing Griffith Postgraduate services marketing
19 Social Marketing Griffith Marketing for social change (undergrad and postgrad)
20 Strategic Marketing (postgrad) ANU Plans and planning processes for strategic marketing decision making
21 Strategic use of IT QUT Apply computers to productivity in 2005

Throw in the textbook collection, and you’ve got most of a marketing major covered in writing or in person…

  • Lawrence, E, Newton, S., Corbitt, B., Lawrence, J., Dann, S. & Thanasankit, T (2001) Internet Commerce: Digital Models for Business (3rd Edition), John Wiley Publishers, Brisbane
  • Dann, S. & Dann, S (2004), Strategic Internet Marketing 2nd edition, Brisbane: Wiley
  • Dann, S. & Dann, S (2004), Introduction to Marketing, Brisbane: Wiley
  • Dann, S., Dann, S. & Gaskin, P (2006) ANZ Supplement 3rd Edition to accompany Belch & Belch, Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective, Sydney: McGraw-Hill.
  • Dann & Dann, Competitive Marketing Strategy, Pearson Education (2007)
  • Dann, Dann, Bennett & Solomon (2007), Consumer Behaviour, Pearson Education
  • Dann & Dann, Contemporary E-marketing, Palgrave (UK) (publication date 2011)

I have taught social marketing more times than any other subject – 10 versions of it over my carrer. It was my first subject I solo lectured, and to date, has been my highest scoring subject (4.5/5.0). It’s also been the most controversial (attracting an MA15+ label), and probably the most radical departure from classic marketing subjects you’ll ever find.  I’ve taught and written about e-marketing / e-commerce issues more than anything else combined. Probably should try and get my e-marketing subject up and running… after I teach Marketing Research (subject #22) in Semester 2 2012.

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