Triple J Hottest 100 Part 10 to 1

ID Song Comment The Call
10 HilltopHoods – ‘I Love It’ (Ft. Sia) Called it for one later than it appeared. 9: That indistinguishably similar Australian hiphop sound which wasn’t the popular one
9 @TheJezabels – ‘Endless Summer’ (Cure x Nirvana)^Souixe and the Banshees
8 360 (@3ree6ixty) – ‘Boys Like You (Ft. Gossling)’ Gorrillaz + Hilltop Hoods * BlueJuice. I think it might be a bit derivative 9: That indistinguishably similar Australian hiphop sound which wasn’t the popular one
7 San Cisco (@SanCiscoMusic) – ‘Awkward’ Damn. Someone in the party voted for this – can’t get the nobody knows score on this one. 6 or 7: A band nobody in the room recognises. Everyone feels that little bit older. Somebody makes a “Get orf my lawn comment and means it”
6 @LanaDelRey – ‘Video Games Urgh to go all toasters in the bath. Hide the sharp objects again. 8: Something stonerish and so painfully slow, that Wolfmother seems preferable.
5 M83 – ‘Midnight City’ I seem to have this one right. It’s quite nice work, but it does feel like the end of the electronic music selection 5: The last electronic song of the count down. The drum and bass members of the party realise they can go home, but they’re giving a lift to the guitar band fan so they have to stick around.
4 @BoyAndBear – ‘Feeding Line’ 5 piece indie guitar band. Close :) 4: Guitars, three piece, drummer and gimmick.
3 @Matt_Corby – ‘Brother’ 3: A band being given the TripleJ push. Critically acclaimed, and no discernable record sales.
2 TheBlackKeys – ‘Lonely Boy’ Yes, well, now let’s see what takes the prize shall we? 2: The actual winner, with iTunes sales and CD purchases included.
1 Gotye – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know (Ft. Kimbra)’ Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You as interpreted by Sting, which closes me out with a double – the 1 pick plus the Kimbra four pack 1: Goyte. Something really slow, downbeat and depressing so the entire TripleJ nation feels bad about themselves


Join us again next year, when more than 71 artists will be in the Top 100.

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