Triple J Hottest 100 Part 20-11

20-10: Songs that legitimately won Top 10 placings but who aren’t in the spirit of the music direction of 2012 Triple J.  This are the tracks that will get you to cough up for the Triple J Hottest 100 CD (despite your resolve to never buy it again after last year)


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20 Bluejuice (@thisisbluejuice) – ‘Act Yr Age’ Given I thought Bluejuice was a parody act from their first single "Broken Leg", I’m not actually surprised they’ve reappeared. IT’s like a summary of guitar riff msuic from the Rolling Stones to The Police.
19 #19 Nero (@NeroUK) – ‘Promises’ #Hottest100 Rome’s on fire. Nero takes the floor. The "Last Dubstep for 1000 miles" sign looks like it’s about to light up
18 @TheWombats – ‘Jump Into The Fog’ Wombats close up a fourth…I start to think that maybe I should have called the 4 from 5 higher up the card.
17 Seeker Lover Keeper (@seeklovekeep) – ‘Even Though I’m A Woman’ Another double, and a keyboard depreess-a-thon forthcoming not-quite a love song, not quite a toasters in the bath. Still, switch to blunt objects for a bit.
16 Grouplove – ‘Tongue Tied It’s a bit like a diet Wombats, with a bit of chorus lifted from MGMT/Foster the People playbook.
15 FosterThePeople – ‘Helena Beat’ Foster the People appear. Yup, the prediction that this going to be the song set that gets people to buy the TripleJ albums is loooking strong. Still, thinking this might be the apology for Pumped Up Kick ending up at 33
14 @FosterThePeople – ‘Call It What You Want’ Foster the People continue. Even they seem embarassed. Although this is the better of the two tracks, it’s sort of bonus payment for getting the cover version in the list higher than the original
13 Florence + The Machine – ‘Shake It Out’ Must not comment on all songs of this genre with "Where’s the drop?" Also, three-peat for the Machine and Florence
12 Architecture In Helsinki (@aihmusic) – ‘Contact High Best described as the filler track that lets everyone get ready for the top 10,
11 @CalvinHarris – ‘Feel So Close’ Starting to get a real sense of middle of the road music with this track. Enough beat for a dance floor, room for a remix, but lacking any punch. Big beats to give it the recognisable hook for onsale to a television commercial

Addendum: The big call: 80-61: First of the Triple Play “Oh my god, will they get to 5 songs in the countdown?”. They won’t, but the fourth song won’t appear until the Top 20: Wombats just banked their fourth in the 18th spot.  Only the appearance of Kimbra can make this more accurate,.

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