Triple J Hottest 100 Part 64 to 44

Bon Iver, Boy and Bear, and battle for five in the tile.

Prediction update

100-81: One right (Kanye)

80-61: BonIver beomes the first contender for 5 in a hundred

60-41: Wolfmother or nearest offer turns out to be Boy and Bear. No dubstep to speak of at this point (I am actually surprised)

And now, the commentary track

ID song comment
64 Owl Eyes (@ThisIsOwlEyes) – ‘Raiders It’s like Blondie was fronted by Gwen Stefani. Quite likely to be the Ukelele anthem
63 @FooFighters – ‘Rope’ Learning to Fly Part 2: Nobody knows when the song was supposed to start, and now it doesn’t seem to have a planned end point either. Ooh, traces of early Foo Fighters, and distinct lack of development since that first album.. Now Foofighters have made musical trivia history, can that be the end of it?
62 Stonefield (@Stonefieldband) – ‘Black Water Rising Hanson with guitars. It’s like Silverchair without the heart (or chronic exhaustion). And a keyboard solo fresh off the boat from 1993
61 @Radiohead – ‘Lotus Flower’ Synths, high hats, Cubase and the sense of an 808. Awaiting the drop….oh, damn who spilt lyrics on this track?. I miss when Radiohead did instrumentals…
60 Joe Goddard (@JoeHotChip) – ‘Gabriel’ I prefer the remix. I mean, I like the song, but the fifteen different mixes I’ll be downloading later will win my heart.
59 @WASHINGTONx – ‘Holy Moses’ Mambo Number n+1! Fastest song for the block. Plus, bonus for the original has a kazoo
58 Lykke Li (@Lykkeliofficial) – ‘I Follow Rivers’ It sort of sounds like about a third of my misc.other singles collection. I don’t really think it left an impression
57 The Rubens – ‘Lay It Down’ Oh god, more radiohead? Wait. Nevermind. Also, the TripleJ DJ is terrifying
56 @Sparkadia – ‘China’ Somebody got a drum machine for Christmas didn’t they? And a chrous to remix into a range of sales prompting remixes
55 Architecture In Helsinki (@aihmusic) – ‘Escapee Damn it, the portal to 1986 is still open. Someone is trying to escape from Countdown. Reinforce the barracade! There’s hypercolour shirts coming through!
54 @TheGrates -‘Turn Me On’ Can’t quip. Barbequing
53 @BonIver – ‘Holocene’ What? You again?  Didn’t we just leave this party?
52 Kimbra (@kimbramusic) – ‘Good Intent’ #Hottest100 Can’t quip. Barbequing
51 The Drums (@thedrumsforever) – ‘Money’ #Hottest100 Can’t quip. Barbequing
50 @BoyAndBear – ‘Part Time Believer’ #Hottest100 Back to back, ain’t nothing like that…
49 @BoyAndBear – ‘Milk & Sticks’ #Hottest100 Back to back, ain’t nothing like that…
48 @ArtVsScience – ‘A.I.M. Fire! #Hottest100 Didn’t you use to win these things?
47 @Sparkadia – ‘Mary’ #Hottest100 Can’t quip. Barbequing
46 @ActiveChild – ‘Hanging On’ AhA called. They like your style.
45 The Kooks (@thekooksmusic) – ‘Junk Of The Heart (Happy)’ It’s jangly guitar pop from somewhere in Britian. It’s like Blur had a reunion.
44 #44 Hermitude (@HermitudeMusic) – ‘Speak Of The Devil’ It’s a nice sweet clean sounding soulless version of the good scratch and sample works from the 1990s New York underground. was also part of the songs chorus.Little bit of contemporary flavour to make it almost, but not quite middle of the road

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