Trebuchet List (changes, additions and clarifications for 2013)

By | January 21, 2013

New additions to the list.

90. Prohibited Activity (Research and Development): Less permitted than usual than to create giant death machines shaped like cuddly teddy bears

  • 90.A. Clarification: AMV Hell is not a design catalog.
  • 90.B. Extension: Any giant death machine has to look neutral to menacing. It’s only fair to the rest of the Death Machine Industry

91. Prohibited Activity (consumption): May not use chais, teas or flavoured powders as snuff

  • 91.A. Clarification: T2 is not a drug store. I am also not a cowboy.
  • 91.b. Permitted use: Am still allowed to asses chais, teas or flavoured powders by sniff test. Said sniff may not involve inhaling for more than a canonically measured minute.
  • 91.c. Clarification: Parameter “Minute” 59-61 seconds. Not the minutes as measured by the Atomic Clock.

92. Prohibited Activity (Research and Development): May no longer design, brew or otherwise form into creation any spiced vodka infusions, witches brew or cocktails which threatens the ongoing existence of the time space continuum.

  • 91.A. Clarification: Especially strawberries and cream vodka.
  • 92.B. Exemption: May continue to assist with Vodka Infused Skittles, and Skittles infused Vodka.
  • 92.C. Extension: May not commercially acquire vodka with related capacity
  • 92.D. Go home reality, you are about to have been being drunk.

93.Prohibited Activity (object): Printable bacon

  • 93.A.. Clarification: Bacon that can be produced from a 3D printer.  All other shaping of bacon is perfectly fine.
  • 93.B. Explanation: 3D printing technology which can use powder rather than solids for the source material resulted in me considering very carefully the prospect of bacon power, printed bacon, and how long it would take for my sodium levels to reach critical bacon infused mass.

94. Prohibited Activity (action): No longer permitted to weaponise household appliances

  • 94.A. Clarification: Upgrading any part of a household appliance with military technology
  • 94.B. Extension: No longer allowed to assemble household appliances without supervision. “But it shipped with these parts” is apparently not a legitimate answer either.
  • 94.C. Extension: Upgrading anything using left over scraps scrounged from junkyards with contracts to dispose of excess military hardware. I am not a member of the SwatKatz.
  • 94.D. Clarification: Junkyard Wars is a television show produced under controlled environmental conditions, and they have never produced a recipe book.

95. Prohibited object (outfit): May not use lion onesies as LARP costumes.

  • 95.A. Clarification: Actually, may not use onesies in general. Society needs not the terror
  • 95.B. Clarification: It’s just fine for other people in my life to use them, wear them, and generally do whatever one does in a onesie.

96. Prohibited object (specific): Not permitted to own an fuel based soldering pen on the grounds that trying to sign a document successfully with flame will happen at a moment that can’t be captured and uploaded to YouTube

  • 96.A. Specific Restriction: Weller Pyropen – – Fuel based soldering pen.
  • 96.b. Clarification: All other forms of fire are just dandy.

97. Prohibited Activity (action):No longer permitted to construct, facilitate, participate or orchestrate any drinking game based on official work meetings

  • 97A. Addendum: No longer permitted to respond to any statement in a staff meeting with the instruction “Drink”.
  • 97B. Exemption: May construct any other drinking game, just not ones that are played in environments with Vanity Units bathrooms.
  • 97.C. Exemption: May continue developing the Research Seminar Drink Game based on Series 2012.
  • 97.D. Drink!