East Coast Roadshow Gone Large – Operation Legoland

By | August 14, 2015

Starting Monday, I’m off to Europe for four weeks in pursuit of what may well be my grandest research gambit – Operation Legoland, whereupon I visit the three European Legoland complexes in the name of research.

Ethnographic observational servicescape delivery, with a side of matching up social media promises made against the three park’s respective capacities to deliver on their promise.

Thus far, across Instagram, Denmark Legoland has promised Lego, Legoland Windsor has promised sunshine, and Germany doesn’t have an instagram account, so it’s a question of whether sunshine or lego bricks win out on the day.

First time it was East Coast Roadshow (ft Perth), last year it was the Silent Monk, Silent Monastery tour, and this year?

Operation Legoland. England, Denmark and Germany in the space of a month.