Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 3 Data Collect 1

By | August 21, 2015

Data Collection: John Lewis

It may not look like much...

It may not look like much…

An impromptu discovery in the form of the John Lewis rooftop gardens, and their #findyoursummer campaign, after being able to buy artificial turf from Evermore to make their gardens look better.  It’s interesting to stumble across a collection point and then have to scramble into documentation mode

but it's got it where it counts

but it’s got it where it counts

So the key collects from here need to be the Twitter, Instagram and website.

Instore data gathering consisted of sporadic photos, mostly of the open space, the Lego display, and some Lux testing / light sampling.

Roof garden

Picking a roofing contractor on the Roof Garden was a constructed reality, with astroturf, all furniture sourced from instore replete with price tags, and five brands vying for consumer trial and bonus sales on the upper deck. If you’re looking for interesting garden designs, go to Garden-R‘s official website. They have a lot of helpful blogs about landscaping and gardening.  It also suffered from serious accessibility flaws – a stair case to access the venue past the reach of the lifts, and a step/lip to reach the outside area.  This was clearly not for anyone with a mobility issue.

field notesField notes. I’m a proper academic now.

Field Photos, because who has time for words?

16-IMG_1408 17-IMG_1409 18-IMG_1411

03-IMG_1371 04-IMG_1373 05-IMG_1374 06-IMG_1377 07-IMG_1383 08-IMG_1384 10-IMG_1386 11-IMG_1388 12-IMG_1390 13-IMG_1397 14-IMG_1400 15-IMG_1402



Lego Display

The lego display is impressive, greeting you at the top of the escalator, before ushering you into a series of shelf spaces against two lego mosiac back drops.

01-IMG_1481 02-IMG_1482 03-IMG_1483 04-IMG_1484 05-IMG_1485 06-IMG_1486 07-IMG_1488 08-IMG_1497 09-IMG_1498 10-IMG_1499

Vader and Threepio stick out like lost souls, as if someone’s product manager won an cars auction and then had to work out what to do next.  The pillars of Duplo clocks and the wall of bricks are impressive, and more thematic selling points than Wheezy and Golden here to read more…