The Reverse Trump Gambit

What if, at every election, you had a candidate who took the opportunity provided by free media coverage to say carefully calculated and scripted things to generate massive media firestorms that were all heat and light, but which generated no traction with the audience, so that the candidate could harvest publicity, and then head back to the day job?

What would they need to do to exit the election scenario when they were a brand name based on bravado, being the boss, and being the All American America’s American cliche writ large, and they found themselves as the front runner candidate, rather than the sideshow?

How could they exit with their personal fortune, personal brand and reputation intact if they were the lead candidate for President, in a race that they didn’t budget to run, and which would require them, should they win, to have to divest most of their personal wealth generating portfolio for eight years? And which also trapped them into either “Withdraw and lose, lose and lose, win and lose” as a scenario?

How extreme would your candidate need to become to escape a Winner’s Curse the size of the 2016 US Presidential Election campaign?

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