Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 5

By | August 23, 2015


Behind the Scenes

Data gathering in the field is a fabulous gig. Behind the scenes does involve a lot of improvising wildly to make things work, sort of work, or compensate for abject not-working scenarios.

One of the plans of the tour san diego whale watching and also to test the Instagram Promise (Instapromise) where an image on an instagram feed is potentially capable of being taken by a visitor.

There are three categories of image:

  • the Non Promise. An image obviously not possible due to either behind the scenes, limited promo, or some other indication that it’s a display idea only
  • the Promise. Any picture that looks like it could reasonably have been taken by a vistor with their own phone. The promises do not necessarily have to be able to delivered, they just have look possible as a deliverable.
  • the Delivered. Any regrammed / reposted image taken by a visitor. Since this photo actually happened, it’s evidence of the possible.

What happens next is that the Promise category is field tested by trying to capture the images.  Straight forward enough?

Well, here’s the rub.  The “promise books” of images to be captured weren’t created in time before I left for the tour. Plus, on the road, I’ve had opportunity to open the research to new Instagram feeds and new field captures.  So today is about experimenting with PDF files, an iPad PDF annotation approach, and seeing if I can’t high tech out of the problem

Procedure Note

  1. Acquire Instagram link / id / name
  2. Confirm account is active by going to account page
  3. Use Save-o-gram ( to download all images (zip) and print to PDF.
    1. PDF will be recent to oldest
  4. Go to Hootsuite, add Instagram stream, search by user
    1. Scroll to bottom of timeline
    2. Select all text
    3. Copy and paste to Word via Notepad
    4. Manually clean up into tabbed columns for excel input.
  5. Remember that the numbering for coding is oldest is n =1
    1. Create count of Instagram in Excel, reverse sort high to low, copy cleaned text to Excel
  6. Code (promise / delivered / not promise)
    1. Create Promise Book
      1. Print Save o gram PDF to multiple pages per page
    2. Transfer promise book to PDF Annotation on iPad
    3. Field trial!
  7. Add the field trial results to the Excel sheet
  8. Analysis!!

Instagram and Hootsuite

#Hootsuite 21_08_2015 CaptureThe new Hootsuite integration with Instagram has accelerated the ability to rip the basic text from a feed for caption analysis, time and date stamps, and like counts.  It’s not as efficient on the comments to a post, so that’s a thing that will hopefully improve. Currently, it’s a case of noticing a possible comment thread, and navigating to the image to rip the thread text.  Hootsuite is also ordering new to old whereas Instagram displays old to new.

Still, it’s been out for less than a week, and it accelerated the caption tagging for Hamleys by a stupidly large factor.

Secondary Data Grab of the Day

  • Discovering the Regent Street has an Instagram feed.
  • 2000+ pages of photos from said account

Primary Data Grab of the Day


  • Hamleys “InstaPromise” Field Test

On the subject of things that worked better than anticipated, this worked. In everything I do, I expect a certain level of failure, and operate to high risk tolerance that whatever I’m trying will explode into a puff of logic.

The Promise Book Data Collect worked.  The iPad Mini which I had planned to leave in Australia, and basically grabbed as a spur of the moment decision walking out of the flat has turned into a central data collection instrument.  Using Adobe Acrobat and the annotate mode, I can circle images that were captured, cross out those not regarded as possible, and leave blank those that I was unable to source.  Which means an electronic record to be able to record to Excel. It also means that nobody blinks an eye at someone scribbling on an iPad in a shop, so I feel a lot less intrusive.


Walking in London


I clocked up 20 kilometers on foot today. I ran the iPhone flat twice, and the spare battery flat once.


Many tourism photos were taken.  It was a good chance to get out and explore the Old Town.

1-IMG_9226 1-IMG_9240 1-IMG_9185


Cultural Differentials

Nando’s UK is a weirdly posh variant of the Nando’s AU.  I mean, you practically need to make a booking to get a table (and some places you need the booking), plus the whole vibe is a little more upmarket


Soundtrack for the day: The Clash – London Calling (Official Video),