Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 10

Day 10: Travel Day

The Way of the Catte

I’m in Heathrow Airport, down by these power tables that are supposed to be available to charge phones and laptops… except they’re not working.  There’s one working power port that I camped early, and have been setting up people in dire need of USB charge using my USB adaptor.  It’s probably as Catte as Catte Can to be sitting here, redirecting traffic to active power chargers and ensuring the priority flat battery charges are given to those needing to board.


For a while here, I turned into a power broker.

Heathrow and the Flight Delay

The nature of the interconnected grid of air travel is that if one thing go offline, the ripples spread like a hanger fire . A few extra hours on the ground in Heathrow was actually pleasant. Plenty of food choice, some work on the OperationLegoland photo albums, and a strangely relaxing experience involve a sun lounge in the Heathrow quiet zone.


The Other Way of the Catte

So, I may have attempted to travel from Copenhagen to Odense having only bought a seat reservation, and not an actual ticket. I really did not understand how that ticket machine worked.


The downside? I got turfed off a train at a random train stop in Denmark.


I mean, I did do something classically dumb at a high end level there, and I have no complaints. I figure that “Bloody Australians” was how it was written off by the conductor.

The upside? It was an awesome place to stop, get a real ticket, and acquire food from a rather well stocked 7-11. Discovered the best fish finder for the money I had on me. Plus I witnessed a modern Hogwarts as a local university college(s) took a tribe of students out somewhere to do something, all in house colours of cheap nature, and some of them wearing framed paintings as backpacks


Hans on my heart and tell me

The House of Hans Christian Andersen.

10-IMG_2234 11-IMG_2239

Odense by Night

It’s very compact, very pretty, and a total hamlet.

12-IMG_2270 13-IMG_2273

Secondary Data Grab

  • Not today

Primary Data Grab

  • Not today.


  • London Paddington
  • Heathrow
  • Copenhagen
  • Odense

Soundtrack for the day: The Cure, Jumping Someone Else’s train


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