Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 11

Day 11: By Odin’s Vej!

Tech Failure

My 3 Mobile sim, which was working just fine on Wednesday, has keeled over due to me running out of roaming credit.  Here’s the kicker – I can’t buy more credit because I don’t have a UK credit card.  Time to buy a Danish SIM for the Operation Legoland Field Collect because I need my geolocation timestamp data, and I want to map my Legowalk on Runkeeper.

Having typed these words, it’s started to work again. Maybe I got through a time limited roaming cap?

ECREA Conference

10-IMG_2281Small conferences have a very different vibe, but there’s nothing more Australian Academic than the very first paper you see being co-authored by Axel Bruns. Half a planet of travel, and the Ghost Who Tweets is there on screen. ECREA’s been a relaxed gig for me. Political communications is a cousin to political marketing, so I don’t feel much competitive threat, and I get to watch interesting people talk about interesting things.  I also get to ask awkward questions of big expensive professors, but I do that for free Still, it’s an end of an era coming through in political marketing, and political communications, and this is a good thing.  New blood is needed, and new thoughts are required, so a change of the guard is a good thing.

That’s one thing that I’m mindful to remember with ANZMAC and marketing.  It’s been nearly 20 years since I was the bright young thing on debut, so I’m closer to being the old guard that needs to step aside than the new blood.  I plan on a dignified exit to my domain, once I’ve finished being thoroughly me beforehand.


A good solid temperate storm (like a tropical storm, but further north) put paid to my plans to walk the 5k to campus, so it’s a slow day of only 5.6km on the paw.

University of Southern Denmark

05-IMG_2297It’s a lovely campus, but so green it was unsettling.  I’m such a Queenslander that I get disoriented by greenery that’s not drought damaged and brown (or post burnt grey).  Still, there’s a lot of small things that show a difference between home ground at ANU, and the USD – like the fact that the tutorial rooms are all lined with rack mounts designed to hold butcher’s paper in lieu of white boards.


There’s an actual modernized blackboard in each room, and so very few powerpoints, or tech.  It’s quite late 90s Australian tech aesthetic.

The building we’re in features an express lane for electric carts that shunt up and down like extras on Battlestar Galactica


City Hotel Odense

A larger room than last location, and comes with the bonus of a very drunk Russian argument being held somewhere on the street, since we’re just across from the casino.  Makes it feel like home in the Waldorf.

Food, Conference Food

I am well aware that I went to a very expensive, very high quality dinner tonight, and received state of the art, top of the line, inordinately bland food.  I have an Australian palette, and I love a good shot of chilli, and a pad thai base, and heavy ginger and garlic, and oh my god did I need to come home and eat something with flavour to repair the soul I lost from dinner.

I mean, it was good quality, it just wasn’t my style.

On the other hand, these tiny little ampules of Paleo diet juices are just amazing, even though many people prefer to drink just purified water from different filtration systems from, and you can even complement it with Shredfx supplements. Chili, ginger, lemon, all sharp and harsh and wonderful, I have been mixing it up this diet and the keto diet I learned from, to see which of both work better.

12-IMG_2326 13-IMG_2327 14-IMG_2328

Food on the road is always a challenge, and one I push to see what I can discover, but really, I’m not European by culinary tastes, so this is a experience in reconfirming an existing bias.


On the upside though, this nation is more obsessed with boiled eggs than I am, so that’s a big bonus.

Secondary Data Grab

  • Second pass on the mystery shopper literature review

Primary Data Grab

  • Nothing ventured, nothing captured.

Soundtrack for the day: Re-Flex – The Politics of Dancing (US 12″),


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