Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 12

Day 12  ECREA Conference

Three things transpired this day/


I’ve lost interest in going to small interdisciplinary conferences where the marketing papers are greeted witgh a sort of distain for the distasteful business of it all, and then met with awe and horror as we roll out depth.  Plus, the ECREA discussant format only works when the discussant knows your area, and that’s an interdisciplinary barrier.

That said, I came, I saw, I presented, and it was the conference that got the ball rolling to pay the bills.  Job done.  Decision to stay on or depart political marketing forthcoming.

ECREA 2: The Twitter Papers

Did see two interesting papers looking at twitter use by political types, and it’s not consistent with my findings, so that’s a big opportunity. Have swapped cards, need to chase up when I get home.

Odense to Billund


Three different intercity stop options (the original, the one we took, the one Andrew found whilst we travelling).  An extended wait at a trainstation’s connecting bus interchange, and an hour long ride through the country side.  Actually quite relaxining and pleasing for me, and a chance to change gears in my head, although I suspect Comrade Hughes was less impressed by my somewhat relaxed methodology of :”We’ll get there”


Holy cats. We’re here.


We actually made it.



Secondary Data Grab

  • Twiitter and politics papers
  • Instagram
  • Framing theory
  • Last EDUROAM for N+1 miles

Primary Data Grab

  • Preliminary Legoland Perimeter Scout
  • PreliminaryLEgoland Hotel scouting

Soundtrack for the day Taylor Swift – Drum and Bass – We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together (Swiftly dark Remix)


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