Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 14

Day  14: A Hard day’s fortnight (upload bandwidth precludes images)

Operation Legoland Phase 1

We wrapped up the data collection on Phase 1. Andrew and I are sitting on a goldmine of visual data to process – photos and videos. Plus we have post-facto analysis options for now examining the Legoland app, website, Instagram and twitter streams they optimize with seo Adelaide. As far as field work goes, this was a genuinely large case of “You had to be there”.

We got a bit of attention for our Tour Shirts – Andrew more than me, because my pocket of many pockets flak jacket covers the back.  Hughes is convinced we could auction the shirts.  I’m just not going to go there.

Research Impressions

Following on from the park, here’s the top list of options

  • The Instagram Promise: We do a compare and contrast of the visual images I captured versus the timeline. Take the original image, and then bracket it with the comparative images.
  • The Embedded Brands: Legoland’s partners and sponsors are listed on a small side plaque, and embedded within the miniland or maxiland activities. Testing the brand associations between the allied brands and the Lego brand would be interesting. (And now I regret not paying attention to the first two speakers from my ECREA panel who used a Danish data panel / collection agency. I’ll have to contact them for the details)
    • Definitely worth a pursuit with quantitative data
  • Servicescape Pontifications: Ethnographic observation of the servicescape.
  • Sponsorship Schema Match: This is where I think there’s a chance to be interesting. Prior to hitting the ground in the park, it never occurred to me that Legoland would be brokering sponsored content – sure, they have enough thematic alliances to sink a house cow, but those are overt allies – licences for Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter et al.  On the ground in Legoland were Falck, Shell, and a car market I don’t recognise (I have notes elsewhere).
    • Quant association data.
    • Do UK and DE do the same sponsorships?


There’s a certain surrealism to the journey, when I consider than I need my passport to take a flight that’s shorter than the one that gets me home for Christmas.  Being Australian about things makes the world interesting, because the same length driving time for my run home to QLD gets me through four countries.  On the “Oh the irony”, my nonEU status meant a clean run through the immigration because I was the only non-EU passport on all of the Ryanair flights that landed at that time.

Ryanair is a cattle cart in the sky, and yes, I’d probably fly them again for access to Europe hubs, but not for their comfort or services. That said, the Stanstead to Liverpool St mirror of the Heathrow to Paddington was a strange parallel to the opening of the journey.

Sting in the tail

If there’s one service billing thing I hate, it’s preauthorisation reservations that get finalised on the day. Take the goddamn money when I book it, and make it my problem if I don’t use what I bought. Alternatively, have the preauthorised card be available for use when checking out – I found myself having to pay on my own card for something we thought we’d paid on the school’s card, and it’s a pain for so many reasons, and it’s unnecessary hassle in this era.


Secondary Data Grab

  • Nothing captured, nothing gained.

Primary Data Grab

  • Legoland Photo Data
  • Miniland Specific Brand Hunt
  • Lego Park Data
  • Lalandia Photo Data

Soundtrack for the day: Pirates of the Caribbean – He’s a Pirate (Extended) –

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