Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 16

By | September 3, 2015

Day 16: Meetings

At the halfway cusp of the tour, and back in London with enough consciousness to be useful, it was time to make some connections.

Meeting 1: Palgrave

First on the stop was the visit to my publisher Springer Nature nee Palgrave MacMillian. Apparently the Palgrave staff came into work on a Monday to find a new branding and organisational structure, because that’s apparently how restructures work at the largest concentration of management journals in the world.

Upshot of the meeting is that we’ve begun the dance to create the second edition of the eMarketing textbook, and this time around we’re going to push hard on the e-texts.  I first wanted to write an interactive e-text back when I learnt basic HTML in the late 1990s, so nearly 20 years later, it looks to be game on for the dream.

Delivery date for the eMarketing text is a manuscript around Jun 2016.  Hells to the yeah

Meeting 2: Old Friends

Jeff French is an old industry contact from Social Marketing, and it was good to catch up over dinner, talk shop, and be two old men of the sector discussing the rise and fall and rise again of our respective empire.  It’s interesting to hear Jeff talk about the changes in London from the perspective of a long term resident, and that they echoed my observations of the city.

Plus, we got to talking about the social marketing business, and there’s a promising project on the horizon.

British Library

A blessed hive of knowledge and fast internet connectivity thanks to the buying guide and ratings for wireless routers.

Streets of London

I took the long way home yesterday as I clocked up another 20km day on the paws.  Broken up this time across meetings, some down time in the British Library, and a dinner.  Still, 20km was my weekly average, and I’m landing daily scores at this level.

Secondary Data Grab

  • Nothing

Primary Data Grab

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Soundtrack for the day: The The – That Was The Day,