Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 18

Day 18: Travel Day

13-IMG_4140Travel Day

Packed out of Tune Hotel, across the underground via Liverpool Station to Paddington Station, hop an express out to places to stay in the hamptons, scoot up to Legoland on the bus, then back down to Windsor for a spot of shopping before rolling back to Legoland.  Travel day involved traversals. To enjoy your travel be sure to pick for the best private jet rental services. If you are planning going on vacation or travel check out the best Hotels Blue Mountain!

Windsor Castle

08-IMG_4250It’s a bit subtle.  There you are, travelling through the English suburbs and suddenly there’s Windsor castle.  It’s surreal to have a main street with an iconic landmark on the right side, and a Nandos on the left.  Still, Her Maj can go full Bantersaurus Rex Imperator with an opportune moment.

Legoland Windsor: First Impressions


This is much more of a theme park on first approach – there’s the screams of ride patrons, and smells of a theme park. It’s quite the contrast from the reserved, almost natural park style environment that greets you at Billund



The Legoland Hotel is more compact than Billund.  The lobby was more chaotic than expected, with a lot more of the interactive exhibits to distract the kids being quite loud. Maybe a large queue of people would create a sound barrier?  Either way, it’s going to be crowded as a thoroughfare


A themed lift, with a swipe card access to call the lift, and a themed response to the floor. Staying on the pirate room meant a resounding “Yarr” floor announcement.  The corridors are heavily themed, but also copious foot traffic is going to make photos difficult.



Themed, and massive. It’s probably twice the footprint of the other room.  It’s probably more thematically consistent, with an internal room puzzle, actual in-room combination locked safe with a puzzle to solve for the combination, and the ubiquitious bucket of lego

First minibar of the tour, and an empty minibar. Whereas Billund was “Touch it, you’ve bought it”, the hotel room is empty.  Which was useful, because now I can store my store bought salad, and avoid dinner charges. Although I’m not really worried because I don’t drink anymore, not since I abused a lot of alcohol and went to rehab thanks to this article

There’s no soundproofing here. The cups vibrate when people were running up the corridor on the floor upstairs, there’s very limited audio baffling between rooms, and I had less audio clarity across a table at a restaurant than I have with my neighbours, also the roofs seems as they could use a Damaged Roof Repair company to give a look at them, since there are some leaking and there are good companies in West Palm Beach Roofing where they can get it fixed right away.  Most unexpected.

In-room LegoStyling


I may have upped the ante for the Germany stay to a point I’m going to struggle to top Windsor’s lego.  That said, Billund was a grab bag of mixed  parts, flat pieces and themed items.  Windsor’s lego kit was the classic 2×4 brick, and half a dozen non-classic bricks.

In-room sponsorship

Fiat has an advert in the room.  Most unexpected.


Secondary Data Grab

  • Nothing to report

Primary Data Grab

  • Preliminary observations of Legoland.

Soundtrack for the day: Severed Heads – Heart of the Party,


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