Data Trails

With the right combination of google keywords, data longevity, and site caches, you can find trace evidence of my life on the internet since 1995.  In 1995, I was 22.  The copyright on the stuff I posted back then runs for 50 years after my *death*So I have, and continue to exert, full copyright claim over all and any works I’ve posted to the internet that are not otherwise licenced under an appropriate creative commons licence. This means if you want to make some big scandal over something I posted on the internet, you’ll need to either strictly adhere to the Fair Use provisions of the copyright act, or you’ll need my permissions as copyright holder.

Which means to post some scandalous McScandal of something I wrote, you’ll need to clear it with me first. Sure, I’m more than likely to clear it, just to annoy you, and just so you have to write the words “Used with permission” on whatever “THE PHOTOS HE DIDN’T WANT YOU TO SEE” (but gave us permission to um, reprint.).

If you’ve Googled me to do  a big background check on me before hiring me, you’re a creepy person with poor HR management practices and the sort of organisation that’d hate to employ someone as vocal and open as I am.  Do us both a favour and clean up your act. It’s low, unethical, and yes, I’m preemptively calling you on your creepy behaviour.  Expect me to do the same in the workplace. Assuming I’d work for someone obvious enough to leave their IP address in my server logs.

If you’re a student who’s Googled me – I’ll know, and I’ll expect similar effort in your research for your essay, and I’ll judge you harshly if you’re not as thorough in the assignment. Now get back to studying.

It’s the future. Everything goes down on our permanent record, everything is stored, archive, analysed and if you’re freaking out about having me around because of something I said in an off-hand comment in 1997, you’re the one with the problem now.  Deal with it, upgrade, evolve and move on into the present.