Dietary Requirements

Please note: I never take it personally if a caterer can’t meet these requirements. Just let me know, and I’ll self cater to avoid hassles.


  • Wheat (including trace levels and derivatives). This is a specific allergy to wheat, not gluten. Gluten free wheat is still an allergen
  • Dairy products (including trace levels): This is a milk allergy, so lactose free milk is still an allergen
  • Coconut and derivatives (eg coconut milk), pumpkin, and sweet potato,
  • Curry powders and curries
  • Mango, banana, strawberry, kiwi fruit and pineapple
  • Alcohol inclusive of food that has been cooked, marinated or otherwise uses wine even if the alcohol is cooked off
    • White wine is a specific allergen as it uses dairy products in the production process
  • Processed meats which use wheat/diary based additives or traces
  • Fluoride: This means that any food cooked by boiling or absorption (eg rice) method or similar techniques that use fluoridated water is out. Particularly steamed rice, since that absorbs the fluoride in the cooking process.
    • Produce washed in the water is fine
    • Steamed food is fine as well.
    • This also eliminated tap water as a drink, and ice cubes.

The Options List

Food: I am not vegetarianAll forms of plain meat, inclusive of fish, seafood, chicken, pork, and steak  are acceptable.

  • Basic meal alternatives include plain grilled vegetables with a plain grilled meat (eg chicken, steak, seafood).
  • Salads without dressing are fine.
  • Grilled vegetables and grilled meat using olive oil is fine.
  • Eggs are also fine.
  • All seafood (not crumbed and batter) is fine.
  • Chili, salt, pepper, and herbs are fine.
  • If in doubt, the back-stage can check with me for confirmation of requirements.

Drinks: Acceptable and safe options include Pepsi Max and Diet Red Bull, or bottled still water (Mt Franklin or similar), or cheerfully looking the other way if I need to supply my own provisions.

If alternative food cannot be provided by a caterer, let me know and I will self cater.

Commercial Food options (Australian)

  • Nando’s (Most states)
    • Chicken tenderloin meal (extra hot, chips);
  • Grill’d Burgers (Several states):
    • Almighty (mods: Gluten free bun, no cheese); Simon Says Burger (Gluten free bun)
  • Burger Urge (QLD)
    • Babe and Daisy on gluten free
    • ABC on gluten free
  • Generic Options
    • Pad Thai (chicken or seafood)
    • Plain grilled fish and chips (no batter)

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