Barrel Break

Barrel Breaks x 3 (Faith, Hope, Charity)10-Barrell Breaks [Brisbane]

Naming Protocol: Religious virtues trifecta. 

The Gear: A small, two barrel shotgun with a hand cannon feel, moderate range, and old England hunting shotgun feel for the reload.

The ammo: A distinct love of anything other than streamline darts. Streamlines are not good options.

The Review: I have five of these, and I’m not sure why, apart from the sheer pleasure of them being incredibly silly blasters.  They fire as a single two shot spread in my hands and whilst I’ve seen other people get the one-two shot out of them, I just don’t have the slow twitch trigger fingers.  They’re good back up, and if you’re small and agile, they’re a better secondary pistol than a Nite Finder. 

It’s also a huge amount of fun to walk onto a Nerf field with these things as your apparent primaries – I have gone into a match with three of them attached (badly) to me by stuffing them down the back of a t-shirt (epic, but ill advised). I made no tags, but stopped people long enough for my team mates to get the tag (and I settle for the assists)

Performance issues: The reload always feels like you’re about to break the blaster.  Even when you’re used to it, it still feels wrong at times.  Can get into bad habits with chewing darts, or having one short and one long range barrel.  There’s the storage issue that you basically prime the blaster when you load, so you can’t de-prime, and you either dry fire, or load with darts and fire it.

Modded: I’ve heard nothing good about modding them.  Sure, I’ve seen people on YouTube, but I’ve not heard anyone from the modders I know talk about them as great pieces of custom kit.

Summary: Pretty as all get out, not that much use, but heaps of fun. Worth having around an office for the satisfying load/prime action.

Rating (stock): 8.5/10 for office nerf, messing around and personal use.  6.5 for field work, since they’re just really bulky Reflex/NiteFinders if you’re honest about it.

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