Three Mavericks x 3 (Hindeburg, <!Include name> and Hoth)



Naming Protocol: The newer Mavericks are now named after disasters. It seems appropriate. I have had a terrible run with Mavericks since my first pair which were extremely function, if not that brilliant.

The Gear: The Maverick is the best nerf machine gun, which is widely popular amongst people who want something that looks like a classic western gun, and who haven’t had any practical reason to need to rely on a blaster being actually useful. The barrel only drops out part way, so that’s a slight let down. Trigger rotates the barrel, and the grey bar at the top is your primer.

The ammo: Unmodded, it can’t cope with streamlines but fires most other stock darts. Modded, takes and fires anything.

The Review: I played my first HvZ with two Mavericks, and my Nerf War with three. They were fine. Heck, two of my best HvZ moments came from six shots for five zombie kills off a Mavericks.  But…then I replaced my Mavs (after they broke in modding), and it’s been a nightmare.  Slower rate of fire, the constant jamming (half/partial firing to move the dart just enough to block the barrel, but not enough so it can fire), and an inability to hit the minimum distance when I test fired. From a stock side arm to a terrible waste of blaster. 

That said, for $10, I can see why people buy them, when the successor (Nerf Spectre) is about twice the price.

Performance issues: User inflicted. Hoth (the Whiteout) was fired by three separate people, using the same types of darts, almost back to back, and fired cleanly through all six shots once, jammed up twice, and completely failed to fire for the third.  Basically, there’s something about the trigger action/priming mechanism that if you can do it correctly (for that blaster), you have a reliable weapon.  The caveat being, that if you’re prone to jamming, you will jam this blaster under pressure.  Many an HvZ tag was made under the cursing of the Maverick.  Before I broke my first pair, I’d had limited problems. Now, I’ve had limited success, but I’ve also changed my firing style through using Recons, Raiders and other blasters.

Modded: Lots of options.  Modding improves the range, ROF, and can deal with the annoyingly difficult reload mechanism.  The drop clip russian roulette mod option was made a feature on the Spectre. 

Summary: Cheap as hell, acceptable sidearm with practice (or to confirm that you can’t use it properly). But…just isn’t a reliable option in a Nerf match despite the mainstream availability. It should be better.

Rating (stock): Pass 5/10

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