Rayvens x 2 (Nevermore, Quoth)09-Rayven 

Naming Protocol: Edgar Allan Poe puns.  One was going to have a different name, but it would de-alias someone I know only as an alias, and that’s not good.

The Gear: Flywheel based semi-automatic that spits nerf streamlines and stefans for ludicrously effective supression fire. Modded, the stock flywheels can cope with a bit of punishment with voltage mods, and they sound like chainsaws on steriods.  Unmodded, they can be quite intimidating to fire if you’ve come through from the Stampede school of point and spam.  Fires cleanly off 6, 18 and 35 drum.  Best performance is from the 18 clips, and they come with the Firefly tech glow in the dark darts, and a custom 18 clip.

The ammo: Streamlines or stefans.

The Review: This is a close quarter combat dream. On a long open field in the Brisbane CTF or the Canberra Haig Park, you don’t get the true value out of the flywheels, and the rapid punch of the darts.  In the Sydney King of the Hill, a factory fresh Rayven with standard batteries provided credible suppressing fire from the hill, and fend off a wave or two of attackers.  The flywheels spin up fairly quickly, and you’ve got a functional array of shots for tagging at close (inside custom equipment minimum) firing ranges, and even punching single shots for a reasonable distance.  The spin up time is a slight delay, but it’s also loud enough to bluff an opponent by spinning up, and getting their attention (and your mate with the longstrike picks them off).  I think this would be a weapon of choice for indoor matches, and as a solid secondary for anyone who needs to lay cover down in a tight spot (flag defence, point defence, spamming). There’s also a nice feel to the weight distribution when running akimbo, although reloading akimbo is awkward.

Reloading was something else.  I’ve been wary of the push-button to release clip design, but in game, it felt really natural, and the movement to release a clip and load a fresh 18 was quite easy, and quite smooth.

Performance issues: Minor glitch on the design when running with a Raider clip and firing left handed.  Given that I switch hands with blasters a lot, I spent a bit of time running left handed with the blaster, and the 35 clip presses awkwardly against your wrist.  You can work with it, but it’s still a sign that somebody back at Hasbro didn’t think all the options through on the kit, and does make me wonder where else the design wasn’t fully tested.

Modded: Extra battery power, and extra range. Good for voltage mods, and having been on the business end of a “foam reign of terror” strike, the flywheels can put some serious distance on stock darts when you’re running Trustfires.

Summary: Close quarters combat friendly, controlled fire rates, reasonable distance, and still capable of spamming darts like a Stampede, but with the control of a Long Strike.

Rating (stock): 9.5/10 (left handed); 10/10 (right handed)

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