The Battle Kit


The Vortex Kit


  • Battle tested at The Assassin Guild Hunting Parties.
  • Partial kit field tested at the Nerf Summer Series

Advantage: Usually one of the only players to run disc, I get additional ammo pick up support after the match. 

Disadvantage: Whatever I fire, I’m not getting back – so if I launch a good deep field assault, that ammo is staying at the far end of the field until the post-match dart sweep.

Limits: The ammo clips can be temperamental at times – clips will drop from the Nitron second clip holster, and the Praxis will drop the 20 clip if you’re moving at any real pace.

Overall: Spin up time on the Nitron can be a great bluffing mechanism, as you can stall an advance with just the buzz of the flywheels. Praxis has surprising range, and the Proton can be a game changer when you’re late in a game, and there’s ammo scattered across the field. Kneel, fire, pickup, reload, and move to the next disc.

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