Official Bio

Periodically, I have to provide short bios for conferences and presentations, book chapters or other profile events. Here’s a few I prepared  earlier…

Dr Stephen Dann is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Management, Marketing and International Business, College of Business and Economics at the Australian National University.

Dr Dann holds a PhD and Bachelors degree in Commerce from Griffith University, Australia, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in government and Law from the University of Queensland. In 1999, he won the University of the Sunshine Coast and AGB Australia Best Academic Paper Award for his article on “Street Level Marketing”. He has held the positions of Post Doctoral Fellow in the School of Advertising Marketing and Public Relations, Faculty of Business, Queensland University of Technology, senior consultant for the Australia-based sports arts and entertainment ratings agency Sparten, and former lecturer for the School of Marketing, Griffith University, Australia.

His research interests include social change marketing, political marketing and the adaptation of commercial marketing to non commercial applications such as behavioural change. He has written, researched and published in a diverse range of marketing sub disciplinary areas including Internet marketing, marketing communications and consumer behaviour. Dr Dann has co-authored a series of text books, articles and conference papers in marketing, and has travelled internationally to present his work to a wide range of audiences.