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Why I have a regular sponsorship at ANZMAC
(And it’s not because I need a hobby)
ANZMAC Sponsorships
Standing for Office at ANZMAC
(Adventures in Organisational Politics)
ANZMAC Executive
Written and authored by… A collection of my books
(Contents may contain Amazon links)
Marketing Textbooks
Advice for when pursued by security when you’ve most(ly) engaged legal activity
(When not engaged in legal activity, avoid being chased by security. Otherwise, run like hell)
Chased by Security
Forming poetry from Spam E-mail Headers.
(Things to do when v. bored and Facebook is down)
Spam Poetry
Tricks, tips and preformatted sheets that I’ve used to make teaching and marking marketing papers that little bit easier
(I always wanted an easy life if me and he were ever to get there)
Marketing Education
Talk like a Pirate day.
(September 19. Yarrly event.)
Pirate Day
My semi-official largely boring credible profile and bio statement
(Now featuring my CV in HTML).
What I’ve written, published, and generally got at the long end of my CV
(Long CV is long. Short CV is a bio)
Publications List
My bio, as written with a sense of humor
(My sense of humor. You have been warned)
Self Aggrandizing
This page left intentionally blank
(No, not this one, the linked one)
Tumblr Meta Blog
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Finding me on the internet has never been easier.
(Avoiding me may have gone up a couple of challenge levels)
Points of Contact
(Contents may contain peanuts, tree nuts, crustaceans, meat and meat related by products, and caffeine. Not suitable for mythical creatures prone to dwelling under bridges and operating toll collecting systems on passing goats. Yes, I like HTML tables.) Requisite License Agreements