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Education Design Principle meet Marketing

Learners actively construct their own experience (co-creation/co-production) Learning is never a passive act. It involves active construction and reconstruction of ideas and experience. Only the trivial or the fragmentary can be learned by rote and even then there can be considerable expenditure of effort on the part of the learner. Learning can be enjoyable and… Read More »

Manic Pixie Dream Lecturer

Riffing off the Manic Pixie Dream Girl genre description, the Manic Pixie Dream Lecturer is a self proclaimed “bubbly, shallow [academic] creature that exists solely in the fevered [corridors of university] to teach broodingly soulful young [students]to embrace [the coursework] and its infinite mysteries and adventures” Or in other words, the character I play on… Read More »


I tend to joke about being the utility academic of my department, since I have a reputation for being able to teach any subject.  Then I had a look at my career length teaching roster… and yeah, I can teach anywhere across the park.  From 1997 to 2011, I have taught 52 classes, where the… Read More »

In other news, someone is avoiding their assignment.

Image by Dr Stephen Dann via Flickr First, the theories and philosophies that provide the frameworks that inform critical reflection are not always presented in ways that appeal to potential marketing audiences. Grey (1996, p. 18) referred to the use of “esoteric and recondite language,” and Nord and Jermier (1992, p. 219) referred to the… Read More »