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Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 5

Behind the Scenes Data gathering in the field is a fabulous gig. Behind the scenes does involve a lot of improvising wildly to make things work, sort of work, or compensate for abject not-working scenarios. One of the plans of the tour san diego whale watching and also to test the Instagram Promise (Instapromise) where… Read More »

Operation Legoland Day 1

So the journey begins… Outbound from Canberra, quick stop on the way in Melbourne to shift gears from domestic to QANTAS International, then the long haul across the planet to London via Dubai. Does that make is a Dubaist honour? Anyway…

East Coast Roadshow Gone Large – Operation Legoland

Starting Monday, I’m off to Europe for four weeks in pursuit of what may well be my grandest research gambit – Operation Legoland, whereupon I visit the three European Legoland complexes in the name of research. Ethnographic observational servicescape delivery, with a side of matching up social media promises made against the three park’s respective… Read More »