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Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 15

Day 15: The Happy Mondays   Given I lobbed into the hotel at around 1am (all praise 24 hour checkins), it was a day of rest today. Observations from the road There is a market for a fast laundry service that does hotel guest clean and drop. The rack rate of $7 per item for… Read More »

Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 14

Day  14: A Hard day’s fortnight (upload bandwidth precludes images) Operation Legoland Phase 1 We wrapped up the data collection on Phase 1. Andrew and I are sitting on a goldmine of visual data to process – photos and videos. Plus we have post-facto analysis options for now examining the Legoland app, website, Instagram and… Read More »

Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 13

Day 13: legoland Sensory overload, 12km walked, the park lapped twice, 700+ photos, and a a handful of videos. So tired, and yet, so much data This was worth it. Documentation and write up for the Sunday night and Monday. Secondary Data Grab Null Primary Data Grab 700 photos (iphone( 400+ photos, Camera A lifetime… Read More »

Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 12

Day 12  ECREA Conference Three things transpired this day/ ECREA I’ve lost interest in going to small interdisciplinary conferences where the marketing papers are greeted witgh a sort of distain for the distasteful business of it all, and then met with awe and horror as we roll out depth.  Plus, the ECREA discussant format only… Read More »

Travel Log for #operationlegoland – Day 11

Day 11: By Odin’s Vej! Tech Failure My 3 Mobile sim, which was working just fine on Wednesday, has keeled over due to me running out of roaming credit.  Here’s the kicker – I can’t buy more credit because I don’t have a UK credit card.  Time to buy a Danish SIM for the Operation… Read More »