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AMA (2007) to replace AMA (2004).

I’m torn. I want to cry.  Seriously, I actually want to cry tears of frustration and tears of joy.

First.  Thank you to Diva Marketing Blog for alerting me to the change in the wings – AMA’s Proposed New Definition Of Marketing

AMA (2007) looks like this

Marketing is the activity, conducted by organizations and individuals, that operates through a set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging market offerings that have value for customers, clients, marketers, and society at large.

Tears of joy

  • Exchange is back.  I was right.
  • Nobody liked organisational function.  Except for me (well, sort of). I was just  being stubborn in refusing to not use it when everyone else dropped it from their definitions.

Tears of frustration

  • Four conference papers are both absolutely correct and totally obsolete.
  • One very very substantial journal article submission on political marketing needs to be redone from scratch. We are talking six months of my time, which in layspeed is one from scratch manuscript for Introduction to marketing, or 15 conference papers or one complete strategy book.  I don’t want to finish the paper with the old definition, and I need to remap the conceptual landscape for the new definition.
  • I structured the entire framework of the Competitive Marketing Strategy text on the 2004 definition.  Stakeholders benefit is gone.  Direct benefit to stakeholders is gone.  That’s a MAJOR impact on the design of the book. I have to rewrite the book from scratch.
  • I have a class on Monday and Tuesday where I stand up and announce the definition change.

Pot of Petunias Moment: Oh no, not again.

  • Time to dust off the conference papers for the 2007 remix
    • AMA  2004 v AMA 2007
    • Social Marketing versus AMA 2007
    • Political Marketing versus AMA 2007