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The Morning Coincidence: Young warned against using sites used mostly by women

Cursory glance over the RSS lists this morning provides two apparently unrelated articles.

Young warned over social websites : Millions of young people could damage their future careers with the details about themselves they post on social networking websites, a watchdog warns

Women Growing To Become Great Majority On The Social Web

Can’t quite shake the sense that the two are connected.

Day 0

Still safely retired from politics.

Tomorrow, back to just writing about it, and not having to come out of retirement and into the battlefield.

Tonight, new Prime Minister, new direction and an interesting period in Australian history to unfold.

The Politics of Marketing

On Saturday, Nov 24, the outcome of the Australian election will determine whether I stay a political marketing researcher who lives on the sidelines, observing, recording and generally theorizing away happily… or whether I come out of retirement and back into the battleground

To celebrate my impending uncertain future, I spent the day working on a political marketing paper, and redefining the concept of “political marketing” at the definition level.

Depending on Saturday’s results, I may have to go off and redefine political marketing at the practical level as well…