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Queensland Politicians and Twitter

It’s soon to be election season in Queensland, so here’s a handy list of political player Twitter accounts – in XLS and text, and a handy table. Queensland state politicians XLS Queensland state politicians (not on QLD MP Tweets) TXT Surname, First name Party Twitter QLD Parliament Role Electorate Bates, Ros (LNP) https://twitter.com/#!/rosbates Shadow Minister… Read More »

Disengagement in the New Media

Image via Wikipedia I spent the morning at a seminar on politics and technology where noticable by the absence was the technology, and present by the ministerial load was the politics. Three observations of the session 1. Senator Joe Hockey plays a character in Parliament.  Given he registered his own namespace domain name in 1996,… Read More »

Political Marketing, Kevin07 and the media

A short time ago, in an electorate quite nearby, there was an election. A small matter, and one which Andrew Hughes and I spent a good deal of time watching, analysing and trying to write up to meet a series of deadlines around the same time as the vote was on. The end results of… Read More »