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The Politics of Marketing

On Saturday, Nov 24, the outcome of the Australian election will determine whether I stay a political marketing researcher who lives on the sidelines, observing, recording and generally theorizing away happily… or whether I come out of retirement and back into the battleground

To celebrate my impending uncertain future, I spent the day working on a political marketing paper, and redefining the concept of “political marketing” at the definition level.

Depending on Saturday’s results, I may have to go off and redefine political marketing at the practical level as well…

Marketing for Fun (and Prophecy)

Scott Adams puts a call out to the Great Blog Brain

Since it’s a marketing question, and it’s services marketing related, I fired off a response.

It’s since occurred to me that I posted marketing advice to Scott Adams blog because his work has proved considerably valuable to me over the years, and the least I could do as a repayment was drop some advice his way.

Even if he’ll possibly never read it.

At least, I think he’ll probably never read it.

If he does, I wonder if I can claim it as a publication?