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Tales of Fail: the iTunesU Roadshow

Dear Apple. iTunesU should be something of an easy sell. However, iTunesU is not KeyPointDemoU or RacistJokesU.  You failed horribly at the Monday night seminar.  The prerehearsed to within a SteveJobsian inch of its life presentation was bordering on bad with the cliche mobile pulling over time as “students” in the video clips aptly repeated… Read More »

Microsoft Office Out, Sun StarOffice In

  I finally caved into the constant pressure from Microsoft, and uninstalled my legally purchased copy of Microsoft Office 2003. There’s a limit to the number of times (less than 50) that the software I paid cash for can tell me that I’m using an unregistered version. In the years I’ve used legitimate software, Microsoft… Read More »