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The Trebuchet List Addendum

In which our hero continues his quest to stay the extended minimum distance required out of trouble of his own making. New additions to the self imposed object exile include dry ice blendtec blenders All hand puppets. Especially the ones that look quite creepy when I use them. Loot mobs. Clarification: Mobs of looters, under… Read More »

#TrebuchetList Update – Non transferable lessons in modding

47. Prohibited Conduct (activity): From Lasik Eye Surgery NYC & Preemptive Body Modification Based Carpal Tunnel Surgery. 47.A. Exemption: Preemptive actual surgery as proscribed by real doctor or other state recognised medically qualified staff that involves some form of preventative or proactive recognised medical procedural covered by my medical insurance. 47.B. Exclusion: I am a… Read More »

New rule

Any estimation of time plus the words “and a hot glue gun” now joins “Is it a bad idea if…” in the list of auto-filters that means whatever was going to occur after the time quote will not be occurring. At all. Ever. Example: Whilst looking at a stack of discarded old textbooks, an initial… Read More »