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Triple J Hottest 100 Part 10 to 1

ID Song Comment The Call 10 HilltopHoods – ‘I Love It’ (Ft. Sia) Called it for one later than it appeared. 9: That indistinguishably similar Australian hiphop sound which wasn’t the popular one 9 @TheJezabels – ‘Endless Summer’ (Cure x Nirvana)^Souixe and the Banshees 8 360 (@3ree6ixty) – ‘Boys Like You (Ft. Gossling)’ Gorrillaz +… Read More »

Triple J Hottest 100 Part 20-11

20-10: Songs that legitimately won Top 10 placings but who aren’t in the spirit of the music direction of 2012 Triple J.  This are the tracks that will get you to cough up for the Triple J Hottest 100 CD (despite your resolve to never buy it again after last year)   id song comment… Read More »

Triple J Hottest 100 The Longest Mile #43-30

Half the party is playing Tiny Towers. The other half doesn’t have phones that support Tiny Towers. Two people down for the nap. One awakes enough to decry the #30. But that’s okay, just bounce. 40-21: Okay, so Kingsmill will never openly admit it, and after the year of the audit discovering significant discrepancy in… Read More »

Triple J Hottest 100 Part 64 to 44

Bon Iver, Boy and Bear, and battle for five in the tile. Prediction update 100-81: One right (Kanye) 80-61: BonIver beomes the first contender for 5 in a hundred 60-41: Wolfmother or nearest offer turns out to be Boy and Bear. No dubstep to speak of at this point (I am actually surprised) And now,… Read More »

Hottest 100 Round 1 100-65

  Following on from the Prediction…commentary in passing on the countdown so far.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the first 20. ID song comment #100 Mr Little Jeans (@mymrlittlejeans) – ‘The Suburbs’ #Hottest100 Oh, is this thing on? #99 @The_Beards – ‘Sex With A Bearded Man’ #Hottest100 Right. Never speaking of this again. #98… Read More »