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Triple J Hottest 100 Part 10 to 1

ID Song Comment The Call
10 HilltopHoods – ‘I Love It’ (Ft. Sia) Called it for one later than it appeared. 9: That indistinguishably similar Australian hiphop sound which wasn’t the popular one
9 @TheJezabels – ‘Endless Summer’ (Cure x Nirvana)^Souixe and the Banshees
8 360 (@3ree6ixty) – ‘Boys Like You (Ft. Gossling)’ Gorrillaz + Hilltop Hoods * BlueJuice. I think it might be a bit derivative 9: That indistinguishably similar Australian hiphop sound which wasn’t the popular one
7 San Cisco (@SanCiscoMusic) – ‘Awkward’ Damn. Someone in the party voted for this – can’t get the nobody knows score on this one. 6 or 7: A band nobody in the room recognises. Everyone feels that little bit older. Somebody makes a “Get orf my lawn comment and means it”
6 @LanaDelRey – ‘Video Games Urgh to go all toasters in the bath. Hide the sharp objects again. 8: Something stonerish and so painfully slow, that Wolfmother seems preferable.
5 M83 – ‘Midnight City’ I seem to have this one right. It’s quite nice work, but it does feel like the end of the electronic music selection 5: The last electronic song of the count down. The drum and bass members of the party realise they can go home, but they’re giving a lift to the guitar band fan so they have to stick around.
4 @BoyAndBear – ‘Feeding Line’ 5 piece indie guitar band. Close :) 4: Guitars, three piece, drummer and gimmick.
3 @Matt_Corby – ‘Brother’ 3: A band being given the TripleJ push. Critically acclaimed, and no discernable record sales.
2 TheBlackKeys – ‘Lonely Boy’ Yes, well, now let’s see what takes the prize shall we? 2: The actual winner, with iTunes sales and CD purchases included.
1 Gotye – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know (Ft. Kimbra)’ Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You as interpreted by Sting, which closes me out with a double – the 1 pick plus the Kimbra four pack 1: Goyte. Something really slow, downbeat and depressing so the entire TripleJ nation feels bad about themselves


Join us again next year, when more than 71 artists will be in the Top 100.

Triple J Hottest 100 Part 20-11

20-10: Songs that legitimately won Top 10 placings but who aren’t in the spirit of the music direction of 2012 Triple J.  This are the tracks that will get you to cough up for the Triple J Hottest 100 CD (despite your resolve to never buy it again after last year)


id song comment
20 Bluejuice (@thisisbluejuice) – ‘Act Yr Age’ Given I thought Bluejuice was a parody act from their first single "Broken Leg", I’m not actually surprised they’ve reappeared. IT’s like a summary of guitar riff msuic from the Rolling Stones to The Police.
19 #19 Nero (@NeroUK) – ‘Promises’ #Hottest100 Rome’s on fire. Nero takes the floor. The "Last Dubstep for 1000 miles" sign looks like it’s about to light up
18 @TheWombats – ‘Jump Into The Fog’ Wombats close up a fourth…I start to think that maybe I should have called the 4 from 5 higher up the card.
17 Seeker Lover Keeper (@seeklovekeep) – ‘Even Though I’m A Woman’ Another double, and a keyboard depreess-a-thon forthcoming not-quite a love song, not quite a toasters in the bath. Still, switch to blunt objects for a bit.
16 Grouplove – ‘Tongue Tied It’s a bit like a diet Wombats, with a bit of chorus lifted from MGMT/Foster the People playbook.
15 FosterThePeople – ‘Helena Beat’ Foster the People appear. Yup, the prediction that this going to be the song set that gets people to buy the TripleJ albums is loooking strong. Still, thinking this might be the apology for Pumped Up Kick ending up at 33
14 @FosterThePeople – ‘Call It What You Want’ Foster the People continue. Even they seem embarassed. Although this is the better of the two tracks, it’s sort of bonus payment for getting the cover version in the list higher than the original
13 Florence + The Machine – ‘Shake It Out’ Must not comment on all songs of this genre with "Where’s the drop?" Also, three-peat for the Machine and Florence
12 Architecture In Helsinki (@aihmusic) – ‘Contact High Best described as the filler track that lets everyone get ready for the top 10,
11 @CalvinHarris – ‘Feel So Close’ Starting to get a real sense of middle of the road music with this track. Enough beat for a dance floor, room for a remix, but lacking any punch. Big beats to give it the recognisable hook for onsale to a television commercial

Addendum: The big call: 80-61: First of the Triple Play “Oh my god, will they get to 5 songs in the countdown?”. They won’t, but the fourth song won’t appear until the Top 20: Wombats just banked their fourth in the 18th spot.  Only the appearance of Kimbra can make this more accurate,.

Triple J Hottest 100 The Longest Mile #43-30

Half the party is playing Tiny Towers. The other half doesn’t have phones that support Tiny Towers.

Two people down for the nap. One awakes enough to decry the #30. But that’s okay, just bounce.

40-21: Okay, so Kingsmill will never openly admit it, and after the year of the audit discovering significant discrepancy in the vote versus the count, maybe they’re playing more fair.

The Melbourne push is going well, with the three melbiourne pushes.

I was quite late on the Unearthed call – Five unearthed bands by #43.  I forgot about Unearthed Radio providing more exposure,

id song comment
43 Grouplove – ‘Itchin’ On A Photograph’ First yay from the crowd at this party. Something someone likes!
42 Florence + The Machine – ‘What The Water Gave Me’ First legitimate use of the bass on the speakers system here. Even Skrillex didn’t hit the mark as hard as this track. Well played Florence, well played Machine
41 @TheStrokes – ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’ And that’s the double for the Strokes. Now chasing Bearandskittles errr Boy and Bear, and "I can’t believe it’s not Wolfmother" BonIver
40 @FosterThePeople – ‘Houdini’ It’s diet dubstep! All the drop, none of the filling bassline. This said from the guy who bought the album so I have the Pumped Up Kicks Single.
39 BennyBenassi – ‘Cinema (Skrillex Remix) At last! The Dubstep arrives, and here’s the drop. Still less bass than Florence and the Machine…but hey, happy place
38 @BallParkMusic – ‘All I Want Is You’ Didn’t this song get into the chart last year? Guy, guitar and a How-To-Write-A-Love-Song-for-Dummies,.
37 360 (@3ree6ixty) – ‘Killer’ Does this count as Aussie HipHop? MC over a drop doesn’t make you a pioneer, hiphop and dubstep have been collaborating for years. Second for 360. Oh, phone call to the artist, that’s probably crashed their hopes of triple
36 Florence + The Machine – ‘No Light, No Light’ Double up time. So… basically, for 100 songs, there’s like 40 bands in total at this rate..
35 Illy (@illyal) – ‘Cigarettes’ Melbourne MC gets a push, and a hyped promo. Called it!
34 @Gotye – ‘I Feel Better’ 1970 has just burst forth from the chest of the portal back to 1986. This is bad. This is very bad. Flamethrowers at the ready Pingu!
33 Jay-Z & @KanyeWest – ‘Otis (Ft. Otis Redding) DJ Shadow? Cut Chemist, is that you? Oh it’s Kayne and Jay-Z… which is kinda like having DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.
32 @NoahAndTheWhale – ‘L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N’ Someone seems to have let the spirit of Richard Clapton out of the box. If they sing Lola, maybe that gateway to the 1970s will collapse.
31 @BallParkMusic – ‘It’s Nice To Be Alive’ Two people down for the nap. This track isn’t helping. Something, something, something, lyrics, guitar guitar, more chorus, guitar guitar. Seriously, who’s harvesting Ben Lee’s discards?
30 @CalvinHarris – ‘Bounce (Ft. Kelis)’ Oh hai, I know this one. Oh, and the first cry of :"Really?" from the audience. Yes! Awaiting the get off the lawn cry. Bounce!

Triple J Hottest 100 Part 64 to 44

Bon Iver, Boy and Bear, and battle for five in the tile.

Prediction update

100-81: One right (Kanye)

80-61: BonIver beomes the first contender for 5 in a hundred

60-41: Wolfmother or nearest offer turns out to be Boy and Bear. No dubstep to speak of at this point (I am actually surprised)

And now, the commentary track

ID song comment
64 Owl Eyes (@ThisIsOwlEyes) – ‘Raiders It’s like Blondie was fronted by Gwen Stefani. Quite likely to be the Ukelele anthem
63 @FooFighters – ‘Rope’ Learning to Fly Part 2: Nobody knows when the song was supposed to start, and now it doesn’t seem to have a planned end point either. Ooh, traces of early Foo Fighters, and distinct lack of development since that first album.. Now Foofighters have made musical trivia history, can that be the end of it?
62 Stonefield (@Stonefieldband) – ‘Black Water Rising Hanson with guitars. It’s like Silverchair without the heart (or chronic exhaustion). And a keyboard solo fresh off the boat from 1993
61 @Radiohead – ‘Lotus Flower’ Synths, high hats, Cubase and the sense of an 808. Awaiting the drop….oh, damn who spilt lyrics on this track?. I miss when Radiohead did instrumentals…
60 Joe Goddard (@JoeHotChip) – ‘Gabriel’ I prefer the remix. I mean, I like the song, but the fifteen different mixes I’ll be downloading later will win my heart.
59 @WASHINGTONx – ‘Holy Moses’ Mambo Number n+1! Fastest song for the block. Plus, bonus for the original has a kazoo
58 Lykke Li (@Lykkeliofficial) – ‘I Follow Rivers’ It sort of sounds like about a third of my misc.other singles collection. I don’t really think it left an impression
57 The Rubens – ‘Lay It Down’ Oh god, more radiohead? Wait. Nevermind. Also, the TripleJ DJ is terrifying
56 @Sparkadia – ‘China’ Somebody got a drum machine for Christmas didn’t they? And a chrous to remix into a range of sales prompting remixes
55 Architecture In Helsinki (@aihmusic) – ‘Escapee Damn it, the portal to 1986 is still open. Someone is trying to escape from Countdown. Reinforce the barracade! There’s hypercolour shirts coming through!
54 @TheGrates -‘Turn Me On’ Can’t quip. Barbequing
53 @BonIver – ‘Holocene’ What? You again?  Didn’t we just leave this party?
52 Kimbra (@kimbramusic) – ‘Good Intent’ #Hottest100 Can’t quip. Barbequing
51 The Drums (@thedrumsforever) – ‘Money’ #Hottest100 Can’t quip. Barbequing
50 @BoyAndBear – ‘Part Time Believer’ #Hottest100 Back to back, ain’t nothing like that…
49 @BoyAndBear – ‘Milk & Sticks’ #Hottest100 Back to back, ain’t nothing like that…
48 @ArtVsScience – ‘A.I.M. Fire! #Hottest100 Didn’t you use to win these things?
47 @Sparkadia – ‘Mary’ #Hottest100 Can’t quip. Barbequing
46 @ActiveChild – ‘Hanging On’ AhA called. They like your style.
45 The Kooks (@thekooksmusic) – ‘Junk Of The Heart (Happy)’ It’s jangly guitar pop from somewhere in Britian. It’s like Blur had a reunion.
44 #44 Hermitude (@HermitudeMusic) – ‘Speak Of The Devil’ It’s a nice sweet clean sounding soulless version of the good scratch and sample works from the 1990s New York underground. was also part of the songs chorus.Little bit of contemporary flavour to make it almost, but not quite middle of the road

Hottest 100 Round 1 100-65


Following on from the Prediction…commentary in passing on the countdown so far.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the first 20.

ID song comment
#100 Mr Little Jeans (@mymrlittlejeans) – ‘The Suburbs’ #Hottest100 Oh, is this thing on?
#99 @The_Beards – ‘Sex With A Bearded Man’ #Hottest100 Right. Never speaking of this again.
#98 Jay-Z & @KanyeWest – ‘Niggas In Paris’ #Hottest100 AND CALLED IT! The ‘Ye is out early
#97 @FooFighters – ‘Arlandria’ #Hottest100 They not dead yet?
#96 @TheStrokes – ‘Machu Picchu’ #Hottest100 Oh hai, it’s a tradition
#95 @Grouplove – ‘Naked Kids’ #Hottest100 No comment
#94 @TheWombats – ‘Our Perfect Disease’ #Hottest100 Didn’t you use to be famous?
#93 Kimbra (@kimbramusic) – ‘Two Way Street’ #Hottest100 No comment
#92 @JamesBlake – ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ #Hottest100 Thank you film reference
#91 @CityAndColour – ‘Fragile Bird’ #Hottest100 No comment
#90 @BeastieBoys – ‘Make Some Noise’ #Hottest100 Speaking of people who retired years ago…
#89 Beirut (@beirutband) – ‘Santa Fe’ #Hottest100 No comment
#88 Bombay Bicycle Club (@BombayBicycle) – ‘Shuffle’ #Hottest100 No comment
#87 @Gotye – ‘In Your Light’ #Hottest100 Ooh, Called it Part 2
#86 Seeker Lover Keeper (@seeklovekeep) – ‘Light All My Lights’ #Hottest100 All of the lights?
#85 @CosmoJarvis – ‘Gay Pirates’ #Hottest100 Yarr!
#84 360 (@3ree6ixty) – ‘Throw It Away (Ft. Josh Pyke)’ #Hottest100 Seemed mostly harmless
#83 The Kills – ‘Future Starts Slow’ #Hottest100 So did the countdown.
#82 @LittleDragon – ‘Ritual Union’ #Hottest100 Ritual de la habitual?
#81 @BusbyMarou – ‘Biding My Time’ #Hottest100 No comment
#80 @Pnau – ‘The Truth’ #Hottest100 Oooh, one of these bands I keep not watching on Youtube.
#79 @SBTRKT – ‘Wildfire (Ft. Little Dragon)’ #Hottest100 That’s quite the
#78 Husky (@huskysongs) – ‘History’s Door’ #Hottest100 Blasted wolves. They get everywhere
#77 @Metronomy – ‘The Look’ #Hottest100 Wait, who?
#76 Redcoats (@Redcoatsmusic) – ‘Dreamshaker’ #Hottest100 Sort of mostly listenable innocuous filler music.
#75 Skream & @Example – ‘Shot Yourself In The Foot Again’ #Hottest100 Oh, hai, I kinda like them.
#74 @Drapht – ‘Bali Party (Ft. Nfa)’ #Hottest100 Songs where the lyrics are not a good thing.
#73 @Skrillex – ‘First Of The Year (Equinox)’ #Hottest100 First complaint about music these days registered. Twenty songs earlier.
#72 Flight Facilities (@flightfac) – ‘Foreign Language’ Random Sydney band? Check.
#71 Luke Million – ‘Arnold’ #Hottest100 WTF? Or rather… this works better on Youtube
70 Jebediah (@JebediahHQ) – ‘She’s Like A Comet’ It’s a tradition. Part six.
69 @BonIver – ‘Calgary’ #Hottest100 Oh god. It’s toasters in the bath time. Or DJ shift change. Or mass suicide
68 @ArcticMonkeys – ‘Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair It’s what happens when you don’t put your Pearl Jam leftovers in the fridge fast enough.
67 New Navy (@newnavymusic) – ‘Zimbabwe’ Introducing the guitar band cabaret act for the evening…And it’s a triplej unearthed. Knew there was something that I forgot to call…
66 @BonIver – ‘Perth’ #Hottest100 Oh, piano and keyboard, and steel guitar and I think a portal to 1987 just opened uip…
65 Kasabian (@KasabianHQ) – ‘Re-Wired’ I don’t really want to call this derivative, but I think I’m reading the reference list in the chorus

… to be continued