SDDC Current (Side) Projects

Current (Side) Projects

It’s not that I’m easily distracted, it’s that I have a multi-task core process and a long lead time between outcomes in my day job

Current Projects of Interest

  • Projection Mapping (hiatus): A temporary break incurred by slight case of plague. The Projection Mapping project is designed to bring top down visual display mapping into the Lego Serious Play world through a crossover of smart sensors, visual object recognition, engineering internship students, and a combination projector/camera rig. It’s a work in progress for 2022
  • Chaos Cards: Custom fortune telling deck based in part of the principles of chaos magic, colour ways, and the propensity to accidentally find fortune telling capacity in random pattern generation systems like large stacks of Lego bricks
  • Gatherer Planet (in development): Homebrew RPG game based on my love of Hunter Planet, and a brief foray into storytelling RPG design. Super keen to have this ready for public testing at the 2022 game con circuits in Australia
  • YouTube Channel: I’m so not an influencer, I’m just a guy with a few too many cameras, and a YouTube account. Video game captures, storms, and eventually some LARP related activity.
  • LARP Related Activity: A little place to call home for LARP characters, the notoriously outspoken Silent Monk, the vocal Captain, formerly of the Red Empire and most recently part of the GreyScale Mercenaries, and my Swordcraft Brisbane existence as No None of Not Applicable
  • Photography: I even still have a Flickr account and an instagram, and a propensity to get distracted by shiny things.
  • Nerf Game Types: (slight cause of plagus interruptus)